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Build your own future with MIAP

Welcome to the
Master of International Agriculture Program at Oklahoma State!

The Master of International Agriculture Degree Program (MIAP) is a multidisciplinary degree program, preparing students for a successful career in global agriculture. Blending theory, practical knowledge, and hands-on experience, the program prepares students to make a significant contribution to the field of international agriculture.

MIAP is designed to allow students the opportunity to choose a focus area that fits their personal, professional, and academic goals. Our program also requires that time be spent abroad, for an international experience in a country of the student's choice. The diversity and flexibility of MIAP provides students with the background necessary to effectively design, implement, and manage agricultural programs in developed and developing areas.


Welcome to the Master of International Agriculture Program!

We are glad to have you and hope you choose us to help you Build Your Own Future!


545 Agricultural Hall
Oklahoma State University
Stillwater, OK 74078
Phone: 405.744.6638

Dr. Shida Henneberry

Assistant Director:
Dr. Dwayne Cartmell

Coordinator: Pam Bay