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Internship Opportunities

The Master of International Agriculture Program holds relationships with various organizations and foundations across the globe. Find out more information about opportunities available to MIAP students below:


MIAP-Noble Fellowship

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation works with MIAP to send students into Uganda to work with the Watoto Child Ministries farm to provide insight into food security and agriculture sustainability. Students spend 8 weeks traveling Uganda and working closely with smallholder farmers and the orphanage and organization. Students also have the opportunity to work with other NGOs within the country to enrich their experiences.

The process to apply includes a series of interviews conducted by MIAP and the Noble Foundation. For more information, contact Pam Bay at


Mexican Adventures

Working closely with two universities in Mexico (UPAEP and Chapingo Univeristy) gives MIAP students an opportunity to explore our southern neighbor and the agricultural industry within. Possibilities are endless as you can explore education, agricultural practices, or management internships across the country.


AgriCorps and Ghana

Keep in touch to hear about a new MIAP venture with the AgriCorps organization and their work in Ghana and Liberia!

International Development Organizations

Download our compiled list of organizations in international development to give you ideas about your international experience or potential career paths!